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  Mission Statement  

Mission of Public Education in Cushing Independent School District 

All students need to develop essential skills and to acquire a knowledge base on which to build lifelong learning. All students will be taught a core curriculum of English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, health, physical education, and technology literacy. All students will acquire knowledge of citizenship and economic responsibilities and an appreciation of our common American heritage including its multicultural richness. To the full extent of their abilities, students will be provided the opportunities to develop the ability to think logically, independently, and creatively and to communicate effectively. Educating our children to be productive in a changing future necessitates an excellent educational system. A system that can accomplish this mission must be characterized by quality, fairness and accountability.

  About The School  

About the School


Cushing Elementary

Motto - Preparing for Success – Every Student, Every Day 



Committed to a quality education, the District strives to promote a positive school climate that optimizes teaching and learning in accordance with the values of our community. The instructional focus is reflected in a curriculum that supports academic achievement for all children. Within our schools, this academic achievement is fostered by high expectations of both staff and students. A strong commitment to preparing students to function in an ever-changing technological world accompanies our goals for a solid basic education for all.

Vision Statement

CISD students will become successful, responsible, and productive citizens with a strong sense of community and a respect for cultural diversity. Embodying the American tradition of personal responsibility coupled with a sense of generosity and caring, they will become lifelong learners through the support of the education community and through their own academic endeavors. Students will graduate from Cushing ISD with self-respect, confidence, and an ability to make sound decisions. They will be well-prepared to enter the workforce or college, with good communication and social skills and a solid educational foundation. .As tomorrow's leaders they will achieve to their maximum potential in safe, orderly schools with high learning standards and opportunities for real-world applications of their acquired skills.