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Elementary Happenings 2017
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Surprise!  Happy Secretary's Day, Mrs. Starla!                                    

THE NED Show comes to town!                                                         


Muffin's /w Your Loved Ones

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100th Day Celebration Balloon Release:                 

Link Here                                                                                                                                


More Photos from Living Museum   Click Here

Library News:  Texas Blueboonet Award Books - On Tuesday elementary readers cast their vote for their favorite TBA book in the Library. Eligible voters are readers in grades 3-6 who have read (or heard read aloud) at least 5 of the master list titles and are enrolled in a TBA-registered institution.  Photos Here!



 Child Safety Program

 How to make Butter

On Friday, January 13th, students in Elementary participated in the art of making homemade butter as a "Seeds Project"!  

Recipe for making butter

 1.     Using a clean & dry pint jar – fill jar about 1/2 full using any name brand of heavy cream that’s cold from refrigeration.

 2.     Tighten the jar lid and begin shaking the jar until the butter has solidified -separated from liquid in jar (buttermilk).

 Photos Here


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